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Frequently Asked Questions
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Why choose us?


There are choices out there.
So why choose us?

Ok so youre wondering why theres a spider up there?


Well, we think that there are lots of great reasons that you should choose us and we're prepared to use any cheap trick to get that message across. A spider always gets everybody's attention.

Enough with the silliness, lets look at the facts. Satellite broadband isn't rocket science but its about as close to it as most of us will get. After all we're using spacecraft to get the web pages to you.


So, lets get a little bit technical. Why do we believe that our Astra2Connect satellites are better than our competitors?


One word. Rainfade.


Perched where we live at the top left hand side of Europe next to the Atlantic Ocean, rain is never far away and rain spells bad news for satellite communications.


Satellite broadband providers in the UK currently use two different frequency bands for the transmission of their signals. These are known as KA band and KU band.


We use KU band. Most of our competitors use KA band. Why do they do that? Because it means they can get by with using slightly cheaper equipment at the customer end to entice in more customers at the key moment that they are deciding which solution is best. Also the KA band is wider so they can fit more customers in, all sharing the same satellite. Its all about economies. Economies of scale and economising in hardware.


There is however a serious downside to KA band and that is its susceptibility to rainfade. As anybody who has a satellite receiver in their house will know, if a really thick cloud goes overhead between you and the satellite the signal will deteriorate for a while. Thank goodness it only happens very occasionally or satellite TV would not really be as widely accepted as it is.

Satellite TV companies always use KU band. If they used KA band then satellite TV in the UK would struggle to remain watchable anytime it rained. Why? Because the rain absorbs the signal.

That same problem affects KA band satellite broadband. Rain slows it down and not just big thunderstorms. Any rain, even mist slows things down.

The effect on you is that your network will be slower on rainy days than on dry days if you use a KA band platform. There's no two ways about it. KU band is the preferred spectrum which is used when it is important that the service is reliable whatever the weather and that is why we use it. Dont just take our word for it though. You can read about it here if you're looking for the tech speak.


This is the key reason among many why we believe Astra2Connect is the sensible choice in satellite broadband in the UK.


So thats KU band Astra2Connect. Now to the important stuff. Why choose Apogee Internet? This page has dragged on long enough so click below and well tell you on a clean sheet of paper.