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Single Dish
Share a dish with SKY


Simpler installation


High speed access


Plug and play


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Max Value
Best value in the UK


High speed 10MBps


Available to all


Versatile pricing


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Europe Wide
Share a dish with SKY


Best Value in the UK


Power Up and Surf


Flexible Pricing


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Why Apogee Internet
  • High Speed Internet for everybody.

  • UK Wide Coverage Absolutely Anywhere.

  • Share A Dish With Sky TV.

  • No Telephone Line Required.

  • The Best Value Sat Broadband In The UK.

  • Similar Pricing To Standard Broadband.



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Welcome to Apogee Internet | Satellite Broadband for the UK

Welcome to Apogee Internet from Rustyice Satellite Broadband. At Rustyice we are sure that you will ultimately be as happy as we are that you found us. So lets get started. Lets cut to the chase. You have an interest in satellite broadband, we are a satellite broadband company. We are based in Scotland. The only satellite broadband company to be based in Scotland. If you live or work in Scotland then you've certainly come to the right place.

But it doesnt stop there. We love our friends in the south too. We cover England, Ireland, Wales and all of Western Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Our promise is simple and translates to any language. We promise to provide our customers with the best service possible at the best value possible.
It really is as simple as that and we know that is exactly what you are looking for..